Gifts of Stock

Hope Clinic does accept donations of stocks and other securities both for year-end tax contributions and IRA required minimum distributions (RMDs).

With the stock market at record highs, people with investments in stocks, bonds and other securities they’ve held for at least one year can donate those that have appreciated in value and not pay capital gains tax.  Furthermore, the full market value at the time of donation is deductible on your taxes.

Donating long-term appreciated stock will result in significant income-tax savings for donors and more importantly, it will enable Hope Clinic to help more people who come through our doors seeking medical and dental care, social services, food assistance…and HOPE.

To speak with someone about donating stock to Hope Clinic, contact our Director of Finance and Administration, Brian Nitkiewicz at 734-484-2989 ext. 204 or

As always, visit with your tax/financial advisor before taking any financial action.