We’re Hiring! Part-time Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

JOB POSTING: Part-time Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti, a faith-based mission centered nonprofit organization, is seeking a part-time Clinical Social Worker. The Social Work department at Hope plays a key role in coordinating and communicating among programs to facilitate and advocate access for clients to the services they need.  This position will report to the Social Work Manager.

Mental Health Pilot Overview:  The primary goal of this pilot is to build our capacity to offer expanded mental health services in the future. This pilot program will inform strategies for our long-term agency goals. We will develop better practice guidelines from our experiences as well as generate new policies and procedures via this pilot.

This pilot program will test our ability to provide coordinated mental health support for our clients across disciplines. More specifically, it would test our capacity to provide behavioral/mental health assessments, comprehensive case management, support groups and referrals to partner agencies.

Schedule: 20 hours a week

Days/Times: TBD

Summary of Duties:

  • Coordinate/Integrate behavioral and mental health services:  Establish referral process and coordination within agency service programs at Hope Clinic, medical team, psychiatric consultation, dental, basic needs and social work; Facilitate cross discipline service coordination, as needed; Provide behavioral health assessments for intake of new clients in Social Work; Create procedures to establish the confidential management for case records.
  •  Interpersonal care: Carry small caseload (comprehensive case-management) for high need clients (2-3 cases), Facilitate and oversee the establishment of two (2) six-week support groups opportunities for this community; this may include securing therapists, relocating an established groups to this location and/or leading a group.  Groups will be established based on client need assessments and surveys.
  •  Strengthen mental health partnerships: Expand mental health resources by working in partnership with external mental and behavioral health service partners; Hegira, Dawn Farm and POWER Inc. And establish new relationships with local behavioral health service agencies.  Represent Hope Clinic at local mental and behavioral health group meetings.
  •  Evaluation Plan: Establish and oversee the implementation of the evaluation plan and reporting timelines (measurements tools, etc.), as specified in program requirements for funding.

Persons interested in this position should email a cover letter and resume to: