We’re Hiring! Clinical Nursing and Pharmacy Coordinator

Job Posting -Clinical Nursing and Pharmacy Coordinator – Hope Clinic Ypsilanti

Job Description:  The Clinical Nursing Coordinator will oversee and strengthen clinical services and processes that impact patient care.  This position will provide support for optimum clinic functioning through assisting with training and managing of clinical volunteers for weekday clinics.  This person will be available to all clinical volunteers and will develop and nurture strong coordination between departments and the Patient Support Administrator to provide the best possible patient care.

Schedule: 24 hours

Days/Hours:  TBD


Clinical Patient Services

  • Respond to patient and/or pharmacy calls regarding medications, refills, lost prescriptions or other medication related questions.
  • Respond to patient calls for test results or test questions in consult with Referral Nurse, as needed.
  • Respond to other volunteer questions regarding patient’s medication questions and need for follow-up appointments.
  • Facilitate patient coordination with Social Work regarding insurance questions and/or lifestyle resources best suited to meet patient needs.
  • Manage orientation and training of new rooming volunteers.
  • Provide back-up help for rooming staff as needed.

General Clinic Support

  • Stock and monitor clinic and exam room supplies; assign task to volunteers, as available.
  • Oversee maintenance of medical equipment used in clinic which entails changing bulbs and batteries so equipment remains functional. Any used metal devices will need to be sanitized and sterilized via autoclaving in the Dental Clinic (monthly or as needed).
  • Order clinic supplies, as needed, either through St Joseph or through grant money programs. Keep records of any invoices sent/received.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA re: AED maintenance, blood borne pathogen processes and sterilization of equipment used in clinic.


  • Supervise pharmacy personnel including management of orientation and training and monitoring during clinic hours.
  • Provide back-up to pharmacy staff as needed.
  • Provide once yearly orientation to UM pharmacy students included in Master Schedule.
  • Complete Med Access Report each month.
  • Monitoring of dispensary medication stock, maintain proper labeling, keep shelves stocked and orderly and free of expired medication.
  • Reporting the number of orders placed and received.
  • Update and dispense the Medication Formulary as needed. A volunteer could be used to complete this task.
  • Monitor stock in basement, dispose of expired medications and maintain an updated basement supply record for display in nurses’ station.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA re: sharps\ containers and removal from premises, PPD tests and refrigeration of certain medications.


  • Monitor and respond to all calls on the Donation line.
  • Monitor and process all donations (medications, medical supplies, and durable medical equipment).


  • RN with a minimum of 5 years clinical experience.
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Administrative and/or managerial experience is a plus

Persons interested in the position should email a cover letter and resume to .