Prescriptions for Health

Hope Clinic is a proud member of Prescriptions for Health, a program to help promote healthy life-styles. Eating right is a huge part of healthy living, but for many people it can be difficult to fit fresh fruits and vegetables into a tight budget. Prescriptions for Health is a joint effort between Washtenaw County and local safety net clinics to solve this problem. Clinicians at participating clinics write their patients prescriptions for fresh produce just as they would write a prescription for medicine. Patients can take their prescriptions to local produce providers such as the farmer’s market or the Hope Food Stand. Here patients can exchange their prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Clara Green uses the program regularly. The program has been a blessing for both her health and her finances. “I love fruits and vegetables,” she said. “I can get them for little or no money. It’s very good for my health. When I went into the dentist they said I have very strong teeth, very clean and healthy, because I take care of myself.” For Clara and many like her, the program has kept fruit and vegetables in their daily diet, keeping them happy and healthy. Prescriptions for Health and other programs like it help make living a healthy lifestyle on a budget possible.