New Grant from the GCH Heritage Foundation

The GCH Heritage Foundation, a private foundation in Canton, has awarded Hope Clinic a grant of $47,000 to support a year-long “Family Health Practices Program.” The program is designed to provide families with education and services to develop a safe and healthy family lifestyle.  “The patients and clients served by Hope are typically low-income and belong to households that struggle to make ends meet. This grant will assist us in implementing an encompassing program aimed at addressing health issues in the home–not just in a clinic,” said Jim Gajewski, Hope’s Executive Director.

One specific impact area of the grant will be to upgrade the aging machines in Hope’s Wash With Care laundry program. This program is designed to meet the growing challenge for healthcare providers to focus on “population health” and not just single patient interactions.

The GCH Heritage Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation, committed to building healthier communities through philanthropic efforts that focus on inspiring new and creative methods of providing healthcare and social services, with an emphasis on children under 18 years of age. The Foundation was originally a subsidiary of Garden City Hospital but became independent and repurposed itself after the hospital was sold to a for-profit entity. Proceeds from the sale created the initial capital funding the Foundation, and the Garden City Hospital Guild continues their long-standing financial support. For more information, contact Gary Ley, Executive Director,