Giving Hope: Huron Valley Catholic School

Terry food drive

For nearly 30 years the families and staff of Huron Valley Catholic School in Ypsilanti have been supporting Hope Clinic through their annual food drive. Students from every grade participate in a school wide effort to collect canned goods, box meals, pasta, and other non-perishable foods which are then donated to Hope’s Food Pantry. This annual donation helps keep Hope’s pantry stocked through Christmas and the months following.

As a Catholic school, Huron Valley believes it is just as important to educate their students in Christian faith and practices as it is to educate them the usual school subjects. The food drive is organized by the Student Council and its faculty advisor, Irene Vandagriff, as part of the school’s efforts to teach their students the importance of charity in their faith and their lives. Mrs. Vandagriff states that participation in the food drive is “a tangible expression of educating our children in participating in the corporal works of mercy.”

Students and their families are encouraged to participate however they feel works best for them, be that by earning food items themselves, asking friends and neighbors to help donate, or giving monetary donations instead. In the 30 years of participation, Huron Valley has donated about 180,000 items in support of their ministry to our local poor. This year they donated 6272 items for our food pantry including monetary donations, more than 2000 over their goal.

Huron Valley has a strong, personal connection to Hope. Not only do they donate every year, but many parents, faculty, and even alumni have volunteered their services here. Hope is truly honored and grateful to have the support of Huron Valley Catholic School community. Their generosity helps feed hundreds of people every year who could not otherwise afford food. The work they do to not only provide for those in need, but to teach their students to do likewise, is truly inspirational.