Executive Director’s Corner

Dear Friends,

A long time ago in a state far, far away I started my seminary studies. On the very first day I met a man from South India, named Ajit, who became a life-long friend. After we got to know each other, he asked, “Why do Americans greet me with ‘Hey, how are you?’, but they never wait to hear the answer?”

I shared that for many people it’s more of a greeting rather than a question.

And yet, how often do we actually stop to hear the answer as to how people are doing?

sawubonaOne of the amazing things about Hope is that people not only stop to listen, but they take the time to see the whole person. There’s a word that we’ve been using at Hope which encapsulates this: Sawubona, meaning “I see you.”

It’s a greeting that a Zulu tribe in South Africa uses, only it doesn’t just mean “I see you”. Its significance is much greater than sight—it means I see YOU with dignity. As a whole person. For who you are.

When the person is greeted with Sawubona, the person replies, “I am seen.” I am here. I am valued.

At Hope we see the whole person. For who they are. We don’t just see the need. We see everyone who comes to Hope as created in the image of God, deserving dignity and the best care and support.

We’re thankful that you’re part of seeing the whole person.

Peace be with you,

M. Douglas Campbell