A message from Hope Clinic’s Executive Director and Board Chair

Hope is a unique place. It’s a haven where healing and help meet in one place. In the midst of a broken world, where hurt and pain are prevalent, Hope is an oasis of God’s peace.

Every day we welcome people who are searching for hope and healing.  Sabrina (not her real name) was bright and eager to learn, but she was reluctant to step out of her quiet, hidden world to pursue a better job because of the state of her teeth. Growing up in a poor farm family, she never had proper dental care. As an adult, Sabrina learned to stop smiling to hide her horrible teeth. She took a job tucked away in a back office to avoid interacting with others. Sabrina knew she had more to give, but doubted anyone would hire her for a better job.

These are the people we help at Hope Clinic—people who are in desperate need of a second chance, of a breath of fresh air, of hope. When people come to Hope Clinic, it’s usually because of an acute or persistent medical or dental need. But as our staff and volunteers listen to the patients explain their situations, much deeper needs for emotional or spiritual care are revealed. What makes Hope Clinic different is the love of God and support with which we surround the medical and dental care.

One day, Sabrina saw a flyer for the free dental services at Hope Clinic. Soon Sabrina was making regular visits to Hope Clinic for work needed to receive a set of dentures. With her smile and her self-confidence restored, Sabrina left behind her dead-end job for a sales role, making twice the salary. She credits the caring dental team at Hope Clinic for giving her a fresh start on a better life.

We’re grateful to God for those who have responded to God’s call to care for people like Sabrina.  As you’ll read in these pages, thousands of people’s lives have been changed due to God working through people like you during 2017.

As we minister in 2018 we are excited to become a haven where people find a community of healing, wellness and help through hope in Christ.

Peace be with you,

M. Douglas Campbell, Executive Director

Deacon Dan Foley, President of the Board of Directors